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Water Potential free essay sample

Water potential is the proportion of free vitality of water in an answer. The motivation behind this lab was to discover the water capability of a potato cell. The issue of this lab was, if there was a high molarity of solute, would it have a positive or negative water potential? The theory of the trial was, on the off chance that there is a high molarity of solute, at that point the water potential would be lower or negative. In the wake of acquiring potatoes, we cut them into pieces, gauged them, and afterward positioned them in an answer for the time being. In this lab, we investigated the potato cell’s water probability. From the outcomes, we found that it the higher the molarity of an answer is, the lower the water capability of the potato cell. This discovering underpins our theory. Presentation: Water will consistently move from a territory of high water potential to a region of low water potential. We will compose a custom exposition test on Water Potential or then again any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Water potential is the proportion of free vitality of water in an answer. Water potential is spoken to by the image ? (psi). Water potential is influenced by two physical variables. One of factor is the expansion on solute (? s); expansion of solutes to a fixation will bring down the water capability of that solute, making water move into the region. The other factor is pressure potential (? p). An expansion of weight potential raises the water potential. Water development is legitimately proportionate to the weight potential. The condition for water potential is: ? = ? p + ? s The water capability of unadulterated water at climatic weight is characterized as being zero. The water potential worth can be either positive, zero or negative. An expansion in pressure likely outcomes in a progressively positive worth, and a reduction in pressure possible outcomes in an increasingly negative worth. Rather than pressure potential, solute possible is consistently negative; since unadulterated water has a water capability of zero, any solutes will cause the answer for have lower or negative water potential. When all is said in done, an expansion in solute potential makes the water expected worth negative and an increment in pressure potential makes the water possible progressively positive. Techniques and Materials: The materials utilized in this test were an enormous potato, peeler, apple corer, 250 mL measuring utencil, paper towel, scale, six cups, blade, and around 100 mL arrangements of: refined water, 0. 2 M sucrose, 0. 4 M sucrose, 0. 6 M sucrose, 0. 8 M sucrose, and 1. 0 M sucrose. To start with, we poured 100 mL of alloted arrangements into marked cups. At that point, my lab accomplice and I stripped a potato, and afterward cut it. In the wake of cutting, we utilized an apple corer to cut it into pieces, and just utilizing four pieces. Excluding the skin. At that point we gauged the mass of the potato pieces before putting it in the arrangements relegated by our educator, and recorded. After, we set them in arrangements, and secured them with cling wrap to forestall dissipation. What's more, we left it to stand for the time being. The following day, we expelled the centers from the cups, smeared them, gauged the mass of the potato centers, and recorded the adjustment in mass. We recorded the class information, and afterward determined the rate change. We at that point diagramed our information and class information for percent change, and afterward decided the molar fixation potato centers. Our speculation was that in the event that there was a high solute potential, at that point there would be a low or negative water potential. From the information, it unmistakably adheres to the guidelines of water potential. The higher the molarity is, the lower the water potential. The information confirms our theory, making it valid. Since there was a low water potential outside the potato pieces, it made the water inside the potato leave the cell, making it hypertonic. It is the inverse for the potato pieces in refined water. There were no blunders in this lab.

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In what ways wining Ca state lottery makes you bad Essay

In what ways wining Ca state lottery makes you terrible - Essay Example This debilitates their psychological fixation towards their examinations, and this will ruin their scholarly presentation. It is additionally genuine that numerous understudies in the wake of winning lottery cash they are dependent upon poor money related administration and this regularly cause them progressively mental pressure consequently obliterating their scholastic advancement. Observational research likewise shows that numerous understudies who become tycoons because of lottery cash have the high propensity of stopping their investigations and set out on less than ideal speculations. Thus, a few understudies end up in the red, and this may cause them being hospitalize because of the downturn they experience because of stun. Disparagingly, they come to understand their errors in the wake of debilitating the cash; rather past the point of no return for any correction move to be made. What’s progressively, ongoing reports have discovered that understudies who win lottery cash lose trust with nearly everyone including their partners, relatives, and even their instructors. The facts confirm that triumphant the enormous top prize could be difficult to confide in anybody or any new individual. Thus, one’s wellbeing is undermined. Furthermore, understudies who win the enormous Jackpot will in general become increasingly helpless, not at all like previously. This is on the grounds that the cash they have may cause them to be capture, or even be slaughtered, and this will consequently make the victor awkward. While lottery cash encourages an understudy to adapt up to school life by enabling them monetarily, it ruins understudies by giving them enough money to participate in sedate maltreatment, and this cash may change these understudies to street pharmacists. Accordingly, this may cause them their live, for example, being killed or lifetime detainment for damaging the state’s protected presentations. Along these lines, if an understudy winning lottery cash isn't observed, they may utilize the cash to destroy their life and even the life of others. From the above explanations, it is apparent

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ZBT Soiree

ZBT Soiree (See Bryans entry for more pictures of and information about the event.) For dinner, I went to India Quality, in Kenmore Square. After dinner, I hopped on the Boston West SafeRide and went to Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) for their dessert soiree. Im not usually the shortest person in a group In the picture below are my friends Elyse 07 (Course 10: Chemical Engineering) and Christi 07 (Course 2: Mechanical Engineering) Among doing other things, Elyse is very involved with MITs Habitat for Humanity group Like Elyse, Christi is busy busy; one of her activities is playing on MITs Womens Water Polo team (Christi, I think this is a picture of you, but Im not sure.) Some of my suitemates Sam 07, Megan 08 (Course 3: Materials Science Engineering), me, and Gabe 08 (Course 6: Electrical Engineering Computer Science) The chef at ZBT is wonderful, and I enjoy many of her creations flan, cheesecake, fondue, mousse, etc. The lemon squares, however, were not to my liking. I took one bite of it and thought it was pretty gross. (Not gonna lie.) I tried to give it to one of my friends to eat, but no one would take it. Sam and I devised what we think is a clever plan to dispose of this sunk cost. I held the square very loosely and walked by the garbage can, and just as my hand passed over the top, Sam ran over and pushed me so I was *forced* to drop the square into the trash. Brilliant, I know. (And for those who havent internalized sunk costs, or just arent comfortable with the idea of them, Ill have you know that when we left the soiree, all the food was gone EXCEPT FOR THE LEMON SQUARES.) Three of the bloggers! Sam, Mitra, and Bryan

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Global Warming Is A Big Problem - 1320 Words

Chandler Easter Mrs. Gallos English 3 Global Warming Global warming is a big problem and impacts our environment in a negative way because it is heating the Earth. Global warming impacts all of the life around us even though not many people recognize it. There are many problems that global warming will make to our environment and it has already impacted it over time. Although, there are many problems, there are also solutions to stop global warming. Climate change is most closely related to global warming and many scientists have found ways to try and put a stop to it. One of the biggest problems of global warming is the global climate change that is occurring. Some examples of how it is changing is that temperatures are rising and have†¦show more content†¦Global warming also causes intense weather and weather patterns. When the ocean water heats up, then that means it will create hurricanes and as the Earth continues to heat up then it will make even stronger hurricanes over time. Hurricanes are increasing because â€Å"in some ocean basins, hurricane intensification has been linked to rising ocean temperatures†(Global Warming Impacts). Other times of weather that can occur in some areas are flooded because of excess precipitation. Excess precipitation can be a bad thing because flooding is destroying a lot of things, for example military bases near the coast. Wildfires are beginning to occur more often now since the Earth is heating up which is a disaster because that affects plants and animals. If wildfires occur, then many fore sts will die and that will pollute the air even more. ` There are a few solutions to stop global warming and the most common one is to reduce the burning of fossil fuels. Whenever people use an automobile, a car, bus, or plane, then that is polluting the air, which will warm the Earth because the ozone layer is getting destroyed. Although many people have to have transportation, if they cut down on their driving or got more energy efficient cars then it would help a lot. The car that you buy is a very important factor because â€Å"each gallon of gas you use is responsible for 25 pounds of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere†(Ten). Whenever people burn fossil fuels it createsShow MoreRelatedGlobal Warming Is A Big And Serious Life Threatening Problem1254 Words   |  6 Pagesdrought, more floods, more acidification of the oceans, more rising sea levels. - (Brainy Quotes). Global warming is a big and serious life threatening problem. Since the 1990’s Global warming’s an issue to the world because greenhouses gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and etc. has been entering our atmosphere . The past years there has been more climate changes which has come to be a problem as a rise in catastrophes such as hurricanes and tornadoes. People will have to come into a solutionRead MorePros and Cons of Global Warming Essay838 Words   |  4 Pageswe stop Global warming? The world is changing because of Global warming. People living on earth are responsible for global warming. Global Warming is a big change in climate caused by Pollution (Global Warming). To stop global warming we should stop polluting the air and water also growing trees is a very good way to stop global warming because global warming changes the temperature however, trees can balance the temperature by keeping the temperature cold. We must stop Global warming because globalRead MoreThe Warming And Global Warming1442 Words   |  6 PagesThe Warming World Around Us The world is warming and we cannot deny it, the longer we deny the larger the problem it will become. Global warming is affecting the world economy, the overall health of the population, and most importantly the environment that surrounds us. Ignoring this problem will not just make it suddenly disappear; the world has to make an effort to stop it while it can still be maintained. Accepting the fact that it is happening is just the first step, the next step is takingRead MoreThe Effects Of Global Warming On Humans1405 Words   |  6 Pages The Effects of Global Warming Global warming is a dangerous issue that has been caused by the actions of human beings. The environment as a result, has changed for the worse. The effects of this situation that is currently happening is global, and can affect anyone regardless of their geographical location. The effects of global warming are enormous, and if people do not begin to do something in order to stop it, global warming could lead to the end of human kind. In thisRead MoreIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change1404 Words   |  6 Pagesabout 90% of the use of fossil fuels worldwide to have a slim chance of stopping Global Warming. If the people have anything less than the percentage given, Global Warming will not stop. As of now Global Warming is a big issue throughout the world. Some say Global Warming is just a myth to scare people and it’s just a natural cause, but there is proof that Global Warming is a fact and that the main cause of Global Warming is anthropogenic causes or man-made. M an has overused the burning of fossilRead MoreGlobal Warming Effects on Hawaii Essay1221 Words   |  5 PagesGlobal warming affects the ocean water level because of the raising temperatures; it causes the icebergs to melt which adds more water in the ocean. This poses a threat to Hawaii and other islands because Hawaii is made up of islands, which are small and surrounded by water. This leaves us at risk for many things with the reef and the people. Global warming has some very potential impact on Hawaii’s environment, health, economy and natural resources. With the environment if the sea level raisesRead MoreGlobal Warming Is A Serious Problem Essay1675 Words   |  7 Pagesdisappearing habitats, changing ecosystems, and acidifying oceans.† (Berger, 2015) Global warming is a serious problem for several reasons including melting glaciers, more severe storms, and the effects that it is having on our wild life/ sea life due to the greenhouse effect. We must start taking measures to help the effects of global warming. If we do not start making changes to help the issue that global warming is bringing, we will really start to regret it because we only have one earth and ifRead MoreThe Issue Of Global Warming1338 Words   |  6 PagesOver the past years, the controversial issue of global warming has been primarily brought to the attention of the public. Global warming is generally assumed to be the main cause of risin g average global temperature. The climate on the Earth is changing and there is no big surprise. It is believed that global warming is caused by many natural and manmade activities, which is affecting the planet by the seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years. Many may not even care about this serious issue, butRead MoreGlobal Warming And Climate Change Essay1031 Words   |  5 Pagesnew normal. Global warming and climate change has the potential to be a serious issue in the world today. Global warming is a global temperature rise. With the ice caps melting many animals are going extinct or having to adapt to different places of the world. Leaders of the world are also starting to realize that global warming is starting to lead to climate change. Climate change is classified when average temperatures raise 2 degrees. Climate change is an effect of global warming. Greenhouse gassesRead MoreMedia s Interpretation Of Global Warming992 Words   |  4 PagesMedia’s Interpretation of Global Warming A major problem and controversy that’s continuing to build up in the world, is global warming. There are two opposing sides to this controversy. One side are scientists and environmentalists who use collective data in order to prove that global warming is real and caused by human activity. The opposing side are interests groups such as an oil company or individual, who believe that global warming is just a bogus subject and misleading information put together

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The Boston Massacre John Adams and Captain Preston

John Adams believed that the rule of law should be paramount and that the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre deserved a fair trial. What Happened in 1770 On March 5, 1770, a small gathering of colonists in Boston were tormenting British soldiers. Unlike normal, the taunting on this day led to an escalation of hostilities. There was a sentry standing in front of the Custom House who talked back to the colonists. More colonists then arrived on the scene. In fact, the church bells began ringing which led to even more colonists arriving on the scene. Church bells were typically rung in cases of fire. Crispus Attucks Captain Preston and a detachment of seven or eight soldiers were surrounded by Boston citizens who were angry and taunting the men. Attempts to calm the gathered citizens were useless. At this point, something happened that caused a soldier to fire their musket into the crowd. Soldiers including Captain Prescott claimed the crowd had heavy clubs, sticks, and fireballs. Prescott said that the soldier who shot first was hit by a stick. Just like with any confusing public event, a number of disparate accounts were given about the actual chain of events. What is known is that after the first shot more followed. In the aftermath, several people were wounded and five were dead including  an African-American named Crispus Attucks. The Trial John Adams led the defense team, assisted by Josiah Quincy. They faced off against the prosecutor, Samuel Quincy, Josiahs brother. They waited seven months to start the trial in order to let the furor die down. However, in the meantime, the Sons of Liberty had started a major propaganda effort against the British. The six-day trial, quite long for its time, was held in late October. Preston pleaded not guilty, and his defense team called witnesses to show who actually yelled the word Fire. This was central to proving whether Preston was guilty. The witnesses contradicted themselves and each other. The jury was sequestered and after deliberating, they acquitted Preston. They used the basis of reasonable doubt as there was no proof he actually did order his men to fire. The Verdict The verdicts effect was huge as the leaders of the rebellion used it as further proof of Great Britains tyranny. Paul Revere created his  famous engraving of the event  that he titled, The Bloody Massacre perpetrated in King Street. The Boston Massacre is often pointed to as an event that presaged the Revolutionary War. The event soon  became a rallying cry for the Patriots. While  John Adams actions made him unpopular with the Patriots in Boston for several months, he was able to overcome this stigma due to his stance that he defended the British through principle rather than sympathy for their cause.

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Senior Student Free Essays

If I were a newly appointed procurement manager at a company or an organization that there has not been yet proper procurement procedure I will try to convince the CEO of that company and organization by raising some importance point related to the procurement procedure. Those include: 1. It is easily to prepare and controlling the budget of the company: it can reduce the waste of spending on unnecessary things by using the fix budget or flexible budget strategy to control over purchasing products. We will write a custom essay sample on Senior Student or any similar topic only for you Order Now 2. It can avoid of cheat and mistake on purchasing products: after we got that form we can make sure that the product that need to order is well accepted because it has to be check by the officer or CEO to confirm the purchase. 3. It is like a road map to show where the product shall be taken and how the purchase be made. 4. Build good relationship with the suppliers: because we need to select the supplier who we can be trust and can be work with us for long time and realizable so we need to select the potential suppliers to be the part supplier of our company. . Saving money: after we have the part supplier we can save some money because when we select someone to be our part supplier they will provide us a premium price or when we use bulk purchase. Here is the simple plan diagram of the procurement procedure diagram: 1. Check for the department budget or company budget before request or propose a form. 2. Written a requesting form of what you want to purchase and the purpose of purcha sing. 3. Get a signature from the authorization person to validate the purchasing order. 4. Get that requesting form to purchasing department or procurement department to check for the necessity of the product order and the available product in stock or should buy them from the suppliers. 5. After the purchasing has already made up they shall take the requesting form to the financial department to get an approval or a direction where the requesting shall go next. 6. In case if the purchasing has reach the maximum of financial approval it has to go to the principle officer or CEO to get approval before the purchase can be made or done. 7. After we got the approval next we has to find the ways that the product transport to the department. 8. After the product arrival we need to check for the quantity and quality of the product. 9. Next we should evaluate the supplier performance whether they provide us a good delivery or can be used as the part supplier or not. 10. After that send the product that is done send to user department. Diagram: Check for budget Written a requesting form Get approval by the authorize person Send to purchase or procurement department Send to financial department Get approval from the principle or CEO Check for delivery term or strategies Check for the product quality Evaluate the supplier performance Send to the user department Here is the ways to communicate our new procedure for coordinate effectively in the future: 1. Get a signature from the CEO to approve that our new procedure is legally accepted 2. Take it to the human resource department and ask for the meeting of all team leaders in each department. 3. Explain the entire team leader about the new process nicely in the manner of convincing rather than used the position power. 4. Observe from what they thinking and gather the feedback to adjust in case of the reasonable argument. 5. Hosting an unofficial meeting to maintain the relationship with other team leader by showing them that you pay respect to them and willing to accept the feedback. 6. In case of the convincing is not acceptable we can use the position power by working with the CEO to enforce the procedure so that everybody has to listen. In conclusion as we are the new procurement manager we should understand how to convince people to get your point and what make your speech delivery effectively and catchable to all the audience. How to cite Senior Student, Papers

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America In Gilded Age Essay Example For Students

America In Gilded Age Essay American businessmen will ultimately accept such demands as the eight hour day and forty hour week, not because they were forced to do so, but because it was good for business. I agree with this statement 100%. During the first years of the 20th century, the companies had total control over their workers. Take the coal mining industry for example. It started the workers off young, often around the age of 8! This made sure that for the rest of their life, theyd never know anything other than mining, therefore keeping them down. The people who grew up in the mining community were downtrodden, and kept that way. Sure, they were afforded luxurys, such as housing and free heat (a monthly supply of coal). This may seem great on the surface, until you realized that the housing was often poorly built, and often just a shanty town set up to pacify the crys of the employees. The coal was often the stuff left over after the good coal was sold to industry. Sometimes it was nothing more than rock. But this is what they worked for. Now, Ive worked an 8 hour day and a 40 hour week during the summer, and I didnot like it! It was very long and dragging, and now I think about what thesepeople had to go through with, and I realize that I cant complain. They weredoing 70 hour weeks, 12 hour days for less than I make in an hour. It took along time to fix the ills suffered by the working man, but once the ball gotrolling, there was no stopping it. Another reason why this workweek was adoptedwas because the less time you work, the less tired you are. This increasedproductivity. And the extra money added to their salary increased moral. As youcan see, as we go farther into the 20th Century, these things have to change, orelse it would have been chaos. Workers revolted all the time, and many times thepolice and military had to intervene. The fact of the matter is though thatthere was way more common workers than anything else, and henceforth could havestarted their own army. An army for the common man. It was all the empl oyerscould do was meet their demands. They knew the risk.